About Us

DSR was initially founded in 1998 to provide a database engine product in the USA, Europe, and Japan, specifically targeting the embedded software area. Over the years, DSR has evolved into a professional software development and consulting company with a rich portfolio of expertise and experience. Our main objective at DSR is to achieve real market results and do everything we can to make our clients succeed. Developing and launching our own products also gives DSR the knowledge and real-world expertise to not only to complete projects, but to help make them successful in the market. DSR’s areas of expertise include: IoT, Embedded, Enterprise, Full-Stack, Big Data, AI and more. You can find more information regarding DSR professional services on the company website.

DSR Corporation has been developing products in wireless technology since 2001, releasing cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) systems since 2006. DSR is the ultimate end-to-end IoT partner for many companies around the world and within different IoT verticals. DSR has delivered solutions enabling wireless communications in products, embedded software for gateways and sensors, application integration layers, cloud backend, and end-user apps (mobile and web); as well as general technology consulting with niche expertise. DSR is one of a handful of companies around the world that develops solutions covering the entire product spectrum - from the lowest level (hardware layer) to the top-level user applications. DSR is a big supporter of open standards and flexible development, making us technology and vendor agnostic, because we understand that not all solutions fit all use cases and business models. We are able to do this because of our extensive experience in different areas and our commitment to quality, recognized by our work in the Japanese market.

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Corporate Headquarters

1536 Cole Blvd
Suite 325
Golden, CO 80401

phone: 720 962 9525
fax: 720 962 6625

Office in Uzbekistan

21а Taras Shevchenko Street, Suite 303
Tashkent City


Japanese Office

Shin-Yokohama 2-18-19-1406
Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City,
Kanagawa Pref

phone: +81-45-471-1911

Portuguese Office

Rua Sá da Bandeira,
n.º 819 - 3.º Direito
4000-438 Porto

phone: +351 22 324 7183