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ZBOSS Zigbee Stack

The ZBOSS Zigbee Stack from DSR is an independent, portable and high-performance Zigbee protocol stack, that can help you overcome the challenges of interoperability, porting, customizing, testing and optimizing your Zigbee® solution.

Zigbee Direct

Downloads for Zigbee Direct, a new feature of Zigbee that lets users seamlessly interact with their Zigbee networks directly using a smartphone or other Bluetooth® Low Energy ("LE") device.

Gateway Solutions

DSR’s Gateway solutions are central hubs: managing your IoT devices & connecting them to each other, the cloud or other backends.


DSR provides a full suite of automated testing and certification tools which reduce time require to prepare, test and certify a Zigbee device. Download ZBOSS Sniffer and Network Simulator here. See ZBOSS Sniffer and Network Simulator Downloads here.

Open Source Zigbee

Zigbee is an open, interoperable, full-stack IoT technology for a diverse ecosystem of platforms, products and support. Please see Open Source Zigbee documentation and downloads for ZBOSS v1.0