IoT Solutions

DSR offers a comprehensive suite of market-proven IoT products and solutions, from firmware to physical devices, for companies at any stage of their IoT development journey. DSR has extensive experience in working with industry-leading standards such as Zigbee, Thread, Matter, Wi-Fi and more.


ZBOSS Zigbee Stack

The ZBOSS Zigbee Stack is a Zigbee® PRO software protocol stack developed by DSR Corporation. ZBOSS helps companies overcome the challenges of interoperability, porting, customization, testing and optimizing your Zigbee solution. Zigbee is an open, interoperable, full-stack IoT technology for a diverse ecosystem of platforms, products and support. ZBOSS is the official Zigbee stack for leading chipset manufacturers.

Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee Smart Energy helps to integrate data with energy providers to control smart device ecosystems appliances efficiently by optimizing power consumption according to the required usage and current energy costs.


GreenBOSS is a Zigbee Green Power Stack which is used to develop low-power, battery-less devices that harvest energy from alternative sources. Green Power helps companies meet sustainability goals by lowering power consumption.

Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct is a new Zigbee feature that allows onboarding and control of Zigbee Devices directly from a Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled device, such as a phone. Zigbee Direct reduces the time and complexity required to design, develop and utilize Zigbee Devices.

Zigbee Sub-GHz

ZBOSS Sub-GHz is our full ZBOSS stack, adapted to use Sub-GHz radio bands in North America and the European Union which delivers stronger signal strength and extends the range of Zigbee devices.

Zigbee/Matter Bridge

The Zigbee Matter Bridge acts as an IoT Service within an IOT Framework, enabling legacy Zigbee devices to seamlessly integrate with a Matter fabric.

Thread Border Router

The Thread Border Router facilitates the connection of a Thread network to IP-based networks, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet, as it is a necessary component for enabling Thread networks to link with other networks.

White Label IoT Framework

zHome Cloud

DSR IoT application Frameworks is a complete, full-featured, white-label and ready-to-go IoT Home Automation cloud platform that includes the Cloud backend, Gateway Manager, Mobile & Web apps and a Firmware Upgrade Server. DSR's White Label IoT Framework is built using 'secure-by-design' principles and is robust and scalable to meet customer's specific needs.

zHome Mobile Apps

zHome Mobile Apps simplify the network and device configuration process for field engineers and installers, allowing them to discover, provision, configure, and manage devices with ease. These apps are also customizable according to the client's branding preferences, providing a quick and efficient solution for device management.

Firmware OTA Server

The Firmware OTA Server streamlines home automation and OTA updates for up to 5000+ gateways with robust gateway communication and admin portal modules.

Gateway Manager

The Gateway Manager connects all Zigbee devices for a complete home solution with the latest Zigbee standards and includes local rules engine to simplify complex scenario setups, even offline. Gateway Manager provides enhanced security measures, diagnostics, and integrates with zHome Cloud infrastructure automation and device management.

Manufacturing Provisioning Server

The Manufacturing Provisioning Server (MPS) automates hardware and software setup prioritizing secure, automated firmware distribution and certificate management.


Gateway Middleware

DSR's Smart Gateway Middleware allows users to manage and control IoT devices and enables multiprotocol communication between Zigbee, Bluetooth, Matter and WiFi networks. Smart Gateway Middleware is a hardware independent solution which can be integrated with multiple types of devices.

Orange/Raspberry Pi-based Gateway

The Gateway SDK from DSR turns Raspberry or Orange Pi devices into gateways that are compatible with Zigbee Certified devices. DSR’s Gateway SDK is designed so that you only download solutions that fit your specific deployment needs.

Gateway 360

Gateway 360 is an out-of-the-box gateway solution from DSR. It is compatible with all Zigbee Certified Devices and follows the latest standards and protocols. DSR's Gateway 360 is a secure and reliable solution designed to support a wide range of devices and can operate without an internet connection.


Comprehensive Test Harness

DSR's Comprehensive Test Harness (CTH) is a testing framework designed and developed to allow testing at each layer of the Zigbee Stack: Application layer, Zigbee Cluster Library and Zigbee PRO networking layer.

Zigbee Test Framework

DSR’s automated Zigbee Test Framework and certification tools provide a number of solutions to problems typically encountered during the testing process.

Evaluation SDKs

DSR provides a set of evaluation SDKs for multiple hardware platforms and hardware development kits. SDK includes ZBOSS libraries, header files, sample applications in source and binary form, API reference, development guide, Getting Started, release notes, debug and development tools and build scripts.

Network Simulator

Zigbee® Network Simulators can create testing scenarios for large networks, without using a real radio. This tool supports sophisticated testing scenarios that improve product quality by testing product code in all sorts of environments, using simulated device networks.

Wireless Sniffer

ZBOSS Sniffer is an open source, cross-platform Zigbee packet sniffer. ZBOSS Sniffer includes an easy-to-use-UI and is intended to work with the world's most popular protocol analyzer – Wireshark.