DSR has been working with wireless technologies since 2001 for industries including the Internet of Things, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Utility. With practical experience building products for our clients as well as our own product experience, DSR works directly with you to select, implement and deliver your solution to the market effectively.


Zigbee is the complete, interoperable, low-power, full-stack IoT wireless technology for a diverse range of applications and use cases. Zigbee is the universal language that allows smart objects to seamlessly work together. With over 1 billion chipsets sold, Zigbee is the proven, market-leading, wireless standard for smart home and commercial applications. DSR has decades of experience developing Zigbee solutions at every level of the stack.


Matter is the unified standard for connected objects and enables secure and reliable communication between users, devices and networks. Matter is built on Wi-Fi, Thread and Ethernet, but utilizes a common application layer that enables communication between devices and networks. DSR supports Matter by implementing the protocol, which is already supported by major ecosystem and device manufacturers.


Wi-Fi is the world's most popular wireless communications technology and is the most common way for computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to connect to the internet. DSR has extensive experience with Wi-Fi technology, having productized Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® components, developed customer-specific Wi-Fi solutions and components for our partners.


Thread is a low-power, self-healing and low-latency wireless mesh networking protocol built using open and proven standards. DSR's Thread experience includes porting Thread to new hardware platforms, developing Multi-PAN (Zigbee + Thread) solutions and solutions for commissioning Thread devices.


Incorporating Bluetooth® connectivity into your offering ensures that users all over the world can easily and seamlessly interact with your product, enabling communication between your product and a host of 3rd party devices. DSR has a deep understanding of Bluetooth® Technology and has produced an in-house Bluetooth® Stack adopted by many clients including Panasonic, Sony, Casio and Tokyo medical emergency services.


LoRa is a long-range, low-power, low bandwidth, wide-area network in a star-of-stars topology, where gateways relay messages between end-devices and a central network server, which can support an entire city and tens of thousands of nodes with deep indoor and outdoor coverage. DSR provides services for integrating LoRa into your ecosystem, creating custom applications, firmware and extending ChirpStacks.


Z-Wave is a wireless technology that enables smart products to communicate with each other, regardless of platform, using a central hub. DSR has experience integrating Z-Wave into a number of solutions.