IoT Services

With more than two decades of enterprise and go-to-market experience, DSR is the ideal software partner to help your offering succeed, no matter the stage of development. DSR’s world-class architects, engineers and experts make sure that your solution is optimal - from the definition of the project requirements, all the way through product support after launch.

DSR helps companies build connected, secure and integrated IoT products, by providing DSR’s expertise in wireless, embedded and cloud development.

Wireless and Embedded

Cloud and Analytics

Mobile and Web Apps

Edge AI

Testing and Certification Support

Wireless and Embedded

DSR offers a full suite of wireless and embedded software services to implement device functionality, add connectivity and optimize performance.

  • Application and middleware development
  • Services for consulting, design, validation and due diligence
  • Protocol development, including porting and support for Zigbee, Bluetooth®/BLE, Thread, Matter, Z-Wave, HomeKit and Wi-Fi
  • Device driver development and troubleshooting
  • Development of provisioning and diagnostic applications for single or multiprotocol networks
  • Wireless Protocols certification support
  • Protocols and products testing automation services
  • Platform/Product security audit, design, development and certification support
  • Firmware development for energy harvesting devices
  • Development of solutions from scratch

Backend Development

DSR provides expert development and integration of large-scale cloud backend and frontend systems along with analytics and support services.

  • High-load, distributed, multi-component, scalable backend solutions with REST-like, GraphQL, Web Sockets and MQ interfaces of any complexity
  • Extensive experience with a large set of storage, cache and messaging technologies
  • Industry-leading QA services, including functional and non-functional testing, test automation, penetration testing and security audit services
  • Support, Maintenance and DevOps services
  • Data migration, including experience migrating large data sets with petabytes of data
  • Complex integrations, cryptography, data analysis, legacy systems support along with fast ramp up to any domain and technology

Mobile & Web App Development

DSR is well-versed in designing, building and integrating complex mobile applications that follow specific UI/UX platform guidelines for Android, iOS and cross-platform solutions.

  • Cost-efficient, easy-to-support, performant and responsive web-frontend solutions of any complexity
  • Rich set of modern SPA and platform technologies for responsive, mobile-friendly frontend applications
  • Complex integration with edge device hardware: sound, camera, graphics and input devices
  • In-house business analysts to define system requirements
  • UI/UX experts specializing in creating mockups and UI kits with full layout and components design that speeds up development and functional wireframes
  • Native and cross-platform mobile app development with complex application design that includes OS-level event handling, BLE operations and manipulation, Wi-Fi integration, GPS services and middleware

Edge AI

DSR and our subsidiary, Noema, are industry-leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision solution development.

  • Predictive Systems and Recommendations: Automate decision-making routines and forecast events with probabilistic analysis and user personalization
  • Natural Language Processing: Advanced texts, speech, and cognitive analytics, structured and unstructured data and chatbots
  • Computer Vision: Visual classification and status monitoring, image recognition and real-time video processing/modification at the edge
  • Data Mining and Analytics: Advanced data analytics, clustering, pattern detection, statistical analysis and data visualization
  • Robotic Process Automation: Automated routine operations, saving time and increasing process efficiency

Testing and Certification Support

DSR provides world-class Quality Assurance services which help resolve interoperability issues and integrate and test solutions. DSR QA Automation Engineers are experienced in various areas including wireless protocols, embedded systems, interoperability testing and fully automated testbeds.

Classic Black, Grey and White Box Testing

Test Specification Development

Performance and Stress Testing

Penetration Testing and Audits

Standard Compliance Testing

Interoperability testing with recommendations for potential improvements

Software and hardware security assessment for IoT devices and entire ecosystems

Certification Support