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DSR Corporation announces that Espressif, a multinational, fabless semiconductor company focused on developing cutting-edge wireless communication, low-power, AIoT solutions, has joined the ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI).

Read the full press release explaining Espressif's reasons for joining ZOI here:

ZOI is a community of companies working together on building and maintaining a Zigbee® PRO software platform, ZBOSS. This is a unique member-driven initiative that gives its members access to the latest features, tools, and product development support. This collaborative, non-open-source approach further improves interoperability, security, testing and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions.

We are very excited to welcome Espressif into the ZOI fold. As the ZOI membership grows, we expect the initiative to create real value for not only its member companies, but also for the many consumers world wide who will interact with ZBOSS software.

To learn more about ZOI and what the ZBOSS Open Initiative can do for your company, visit our website:

If you think ZOI could improve the way you do Zigbee developement, don't hesitate to reach out!

During the 2020-21 academic year, our company adopted a fully-remote approach to our training courses, due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Despite abandoning the traditional offline studying process, DSR’s training center registered an all-time high number of applications. The most popular course was QA School. DSR’s QA School provides an opportunity for anyone, regardless of degree or previous engineering experience, to become a QA engineer under the guidance of DSR’s skilled instructors.

The history of the training center dates back to 2011, when DSR Corporation launched our embedded systems programming course, together with OTSL Inc (Japan), and the Computer Science department of Voronezh State University. Since then, the number of courses offered by the training center has increased to six, thanks to close collaboration with VSU’s Computer Science & Applied Mathematics and Mechanics departments. Over 1,500 graduates have acquired the engineering skills and the knowledge required to set them on the path toward becoming IT specialists.

For the 2020-21 academic year, DSR Corporation held 3 online courses: Java School — learn the fundamentals one of the most popular programming languages in the world. QA School — the sure way to become a QA engineer from scratch. JS Bootcamp — a deep dive into the ReactJS web framework under the guidance of an individual mentor.

The fourth course “C++. Programming basics” was held offline as a part of the additional educational program in VSU’s Applied Mathematics and Mechanics department.

Java School, QA School, and JS Bootcamp graduates received digital certificates of completion. Such digital credentials are almost impossible to forge. What’s more, they can be easily used online — graduates can insert the link to their certificates in their CVs, résumés, or LinkedIn profiles.

DSR’s training center is a great way not only to acquire knowledge and practical skills in a selected field, but also an opportunity to join DSR’s international engineering team. DSR regularly hires the most talented graduates. This academic year was no exception, and we’re excited to share feedback from Emilia Shakina and Maria Karpova, QA School graduates who joined DSR Corporation.

“I decided to become a QA engineer after receiving 3 degrees in the humanities. My previous jobs showed me clearly that I was not doing what I would really like to do.

I loved the online format of QA School — I didn’t have to drive in traffic jams after work, and I could try anything the teacher, Anna Shatkovskaya, told us about right during the training session. Anna explained the same topics in different ways so everybody could understand and remember them.

I have many lasting impressions from the training course, though the most exciting one is the detailed feedback from the instructor on home tasks and exit exams. Sure, if I did something wrong, I felt disappointed, but I was always told what the mistake was and how to fix it. I think it’s a crucial part of any great training.”

- Emilia Shakina

“I knew about the DSR Training Center for a long time, and I had heard great feedback on it from different people. Though I was hesitant to enter — I was worrying about a lack of time and judgment about my own abilities – but eventually I decided to apply. I graduated and joined DSR’s team, and now feel fantastic about it!”

- Maria Karpova

DSR’s training center, together with VSU, will continue to offer free training on QA and software development, giving anyone an opportunity to enter the vast world of IT and even to join DSR’s experienced international engineering team.

DSR Corporation, a leader in wireless technologies globally, is joining the Connectivity Standards Alliance Member Group China (CMGC). The CMGC is a branch of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly Zigbee Alliance, designed to promote and achieve smart home device interoperability in China by harmonizing technology standards and ecosystems. By joining, DSR will contribute its extensive wireless protocol development expertise around Zigbee and Matter to the development of the CMGC.

Over the years, DSR has been deeply involved in developing technologies with Zigbee, Bluetooth, BLE, and WiFi. DSR’s Zigbee offering is an entire suite of software solutions that support Zigbee technology needs, including ZBOSS – DSR’s Zigbee wireless stack that supports Zigbee 3.0, SE 1.4, and is backward compatible and ZOI – a new member-source model to licensing software.

DSR has been part of CSA for a decade, contributing to the Zigbee standard in both technical and marketing groups. DSR is one of a handful of companies around the world that develops solutions covering the entire product spectrum - from the lowest level (hardware layer) to the top-level user apps, and is looking forward to bringing our expertise in Zigbee and Matter, as well as our embedded and wireless services, to the CMGC and to the Chinese market.

In order to ensure the success of this initiative, DSR is partnering with S2Link, a China-based hardware and software, wireless solutions, and field consulting provider. DSR is looking forward to expanding their reach and offering to the Chinese market with the help of S2Link.

“We are excited to have DSR join CMGC. DSR Corporation is highly recognized for their expertise in Zigbee stack and is also a major contributor in Zigbee Working Groups for the evolving of the standard. As DSR starts to focus on the Chinese market, they will definitely benefit the Zigbee developers community and become a valuable partner of CMGC in driving the adoption of Zigbee and other CSA standards in the China market, ” says Wilma Su, Chair of CMGC, and Head of Standard & Regulation APAC at Signify.

The Chinese market represents a large and rapidly-growing IoT market, and DSR is confident that its market-proven wireless products, deep wireless expertise, and cutting-edge technologies; combined with S2Link’s market knowledge, will be a winning offering. DSR believes it’s an excellent time to join forces with other companies within CMGC to help promote Zigbee and Matter as the leading IoT protocols and to deliver powerful solutions around them.

The Zigbee Alliance recently announced Zigbee Sub-GHz, the ideal open-standard for long-range, low-power mesh networks. DSR Corporation was a contributor on this project and we are excited about the many benefits of this technology for a variety of industries and market segments.

You can read the Zigbee Alliance’s full Sub-GHz announcement here:

At DSR, we think it is of the utmost importance to participate in these open standards, which result in greater adoption and better outcomes for consumers. This reliable Zigbee mesh standard is the ideal for smart home and building solutions - with longer range, greater redundancy, and less power.

We look forward to this year's release! If you have any Zigbee Sub-Ghz needs, don't hesitate to reach out to DSR.

We are proud to have recently been featured as a part of Okamoto’s offering at IT Week Osaka 2021. This was a result of our close collaboration with Okamoto, who we continue to partner with on the development of BLE/Zigbee solutions that will debut at future events.

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We are proud to have recently been featured as a part of Okamoto’s offering at IT Week Osaka 2021. This was a result of our close collaboration with Okamoto, who we continue to partner with on the development of BLE/Zigbee solutions that will debut at future events.

This was a great opportunity to showcase DSR’s wireless solutions and programs to the Japanese market. DSR offers the full spectrum of wireless services and solutions.

Among other solutions on display, we showcased DSR BLE support for TY modules, DSR gateway functionality around BLE and Zigbee coexistence, DSR’s comprehensive home automation solution, and more.

This was also a great chance to introduce some of the key DSR IoT brands and programs in front of the Japanese market, namely ZBOSS, ZHome, and ZOI. ZOI is DSR’s royalty-free community around ZBOSS, with the goal of advancing a common, Zigbee PRO software stack. To learn more, visit

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