DSR Supports Zigbee Direct

January 25th, 2023

DSR Corporation is thrilled to announce we support Zigbee Direct. Zigbee Direct is a new Zigbee feature released by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which enables communication with Zigbee Devices through a Bluetooth interface, like a mobile phone or smart speaker. With Zigbee Direct, connectivity between devices, users and the Zigbee network is made simple.

DSR supports Zigbee Direct by providing exclusive solutions and industry-leading Zigbee expertise at every stage of the product experience. DSR’s Zigbee Direct solutions are production and certification ready, easily portable to any platform and are based on our market-proven ZBOSS Zigbee stack. 

Zigbee Direct is comprised of two device types: the Zigbee Direct Device and Zigbee Virtual Device. The Zigbee Direct Device contains both 802.15.4 and Bluetooth radios, allowing it to serve as a communication bridge between The Zigbee Network and the Zigbee Virtual Device, which is a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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DSR's ZBOSS stack with full Zigbee Direct Device support helps Silicon Vendors empower their customers to quickly build Zigbee Direct-enabled products. IoT Product Companies who implement Zigbee Direct with DSR will increase the accessibility of their products, expand their markets and enable their devices to work directly with other ecosystems. Zigbee Direct reduces system complexity and time needed to build solutions and improves the user experience, meaning your products get to market faster with a wider user base. DSR’s ZBOSS SDK with Zigbee Direct and our Zigbee Direct commissioning & diagnostic applications provides chipset vendors and product companies the tools to fully integrate Zigbee Direct and build better products.

Utilizing Zigbee Direct in your products gives your end users the power to onboard devices to their Zigbee networks, send commands and maintain the network all from a mobile device, without a need for a hub. Zigbee Direct is beneficial to both new and experienced users, as existing adopters can use more devices with fewer hubs, while news users can start with a simple setup of just a couple devices. DSR provides solutions so your users get the most out of Zigbee Direct.

Learn more about Zigbee Direct at dsr-zoi.com, and partner with DSR to fully integrate Zigbee Direct into your product offerings at every stage of the IoT development. Be faster to market with products being adopted by a growing number of users with Zigbee Direct from DSR.