ZOI News Digest - Spring 2023

April 20th, 2023


Almost 3 years ago, DSR announced the launch of the ZBOSS Open Initiative, a software provides the best on the market Zigbee stack to its members and sharing the development efforts between multiple companies which creates a more robust product that benefits all participants and their customers, along with users who utilize the products built on ZOI. ZOI makes Zigbee development simple, allowing you to focus on your product while receiving new features, faster certification, maintenance support and a secure, trusted, high-quality Zigbee platform.

ZOI Member Update

The ZBOSS Open Initiative has grown to a total of 17 member companies including 8 silicon chip vendors, 7 consumer product companies and 2 system integrators. ZOI Member? Click here to see access the Member area

Updates to ZBOSS

Zigbee PRO 2023

ZBOSS now supports Zigbee PRO 2023. This latest version from the Connectivity Standards Alliance builds on Zigbee’s secure-by-design architecture while improving the user experience and extending the supported bands beyond 2.4GHz for Europe and North America. Zigbee PRO 2023 adds a number of enhancement features that address modern-day security threats, including Device Interviews, Dynamic Link Key, Trust Center Swap Outs along with a number of other security enhancements. ZBOSS Zigbee PRO 2023 also supports Smart Energy Key Management, which enables Zigbee Devices and Zigbee Smart Energy devices to interact on the same network.

Learn more about ZBOSS with Zigbee PRO 2023 here

Zigbee Direct

With Zigbee Direct, users can now onboard and control Zigbee devices and networks directly from a Bluetooth Low Energy device without a need for a hub. Zigbee Direct makes Zigbee devices more accessible to users and other device ecosystems. DSR supports Zigbee Direct by providing exclusive, portable and production-ready solutions and industry-leading Zigbee expertise at every stage of the product experience.

Learn more about DSR's Zigbee Direct Solutions here

SubGHz Band Support

ZBOSS Zigbee PRO 2023 stack supports Sub-GHz radio bands in Europe (800 MHz) and North America (900 MHz) with a high data rate. This delivers stronger signal strength and extended ranges to cover more locations around a home or building, enabling new uses for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

ZOI CI Nightly Builds

Continuous Delivery tools automates component deployment with the goal of providing a stable or certification-ready version of the code. DSR’s CD tools are automated to include the latest nightly updates, meaning updates and new features can be implemented as quickly as possible. Automated tools enable companies to quickly address customer requests for fixes and new features while upholding the quality of the code.

ZBOSS Features

  • Zigbee 3.0
  • All device roles (ZC, ZR, ZED)
  • Zigbee Cluster library (building blocks for consumer devices)
  • Zigbee Green Power
  • Smart Energy 1.4
  • Control4 ecosystem support
  • All Hubs support
  • Sub-Ghz Band support
  • Zigbee Direct
  • Full-featured Zigbee PRO 2023
  • Development tools like ZBOSS Network Simulator, Wireshark support and embedded diagnostic features
  • Complete CI/CD to accelerate testing and certification

Visit dsr-zoi.com to learn more about the ZBOSS Open Initiative.