Bluetooth® Technology is the global technology standard for wireless, short-range communication on personal area networks that enables devices to communicate with each other.

Bluetooth®'s impact has been substantial and widely felt, most notably in smartphones and tablets, as well as in Health and Fitness, Smart Home, and Wearables categories. Bluetooth® enables audio streaming, location services, data transferring and management of large-scale networks, just to name a few of its uses. It is also quickly becoming the default method to commission IoT devices, based on its ubiquitous use and availability in consumer electronics devices.

How We Support Bluetooth®

Incorporating Bluetooth® connectivity into your offering ensures that users all over the world can easily and seamlessly interact with your product and communicate with a host of 3rd party devices. Bluetooth® 's range, reliability and security have helped it become the global standard for short-range, device-to-device wireless connection.

Bluetooth® supports a number of key functionalities that have become standard for users of mobile devices. DSR is a proud member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG), the organizational body that oversees the development of the Bluetooth® standard. DSR has a deep understanding of Bluetooth® Technology, including the development of a Bluetooth® Stack adopted by many clients including Panasonic, Sony and Casio.


Device Commissioning

Consumer Electronics


Audio Streaming

Location Services

Data Transfer

Mobile Applications

Large-scale Network Management

Bluetooth® Services

Firmware Development



Smart Gateways


Network Tools

Performance Optimization

Backend and Frontend Development

Mobile Applications

Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy

  • Commissioning applications
  • Development and diagnostic tools applications
  • Mobile applications utilizing Bluetooth® Low Energy operations and manipulation
  • User applications that communicate via Bluetooth® Low Energy to peripheral devices, such as headphones and wearables
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy proxy applications (Zigbee Direct feature of Zigbee implementation)

Examples Of Work

Blu-Rapport Protocol Stack

Designed and developed the Blu-Rapport Bluetooth® Protocol stack from scratch, which was implemented into solutions for CASIO, Panasonic, Japanese Railway, Smart Home appliances, Windows CE and Linux systems.

Bluetooth® Profiles

Developed 15 separate Bluetooth® profiles to support different Bluetooth®-enabled actions for various network types.


Assisted in the implementation of the Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi middleware, which sat on top of the CSR stack, for the infotainment system in the 2014 Toyota Prius.

Multiprotocol Solutions

Development of Multiprotocol solutions that enable simultaneous communication over the same radio. DSR created solutions at the application level that use Nordic's multi-protocol Bluetooth® Low Energy and 6lowpan chipset.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Bridge (BLE)

Created and implemented a Wi-Fi to Bluetooth® Low Energy bridge between Smart Speakers and HomeKit Smart Appliances that enables the communication between the devices.

In-car multimedia system

Developed and implemented middleware for multimedia applications for in-car systems using Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi stacks.

Legrand Lighting

Assisted Legrand with integrating different Digital Lighting Management (DLM) devices from various vendors into one, single system and network, extending the firmware and adding new functionalities into the system using Bluetooth® Low Energy and multi-protocol solutions.

Smart Appliances

Ported the Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy Stack, along with an OpenWRT application and iOS application to enable communication for home appliances for a high-end US appliances brand of stoves, fridges and dishwashers.

Steam Oven

Created application from scratch for smart steam oven for a leading, high-end, smart appliance manufacturer using ESP32 + NimBLE stack.

Smart Lock

Implemented new functionalities for firmware in a plug-in module for a leading Smart Lock provider that communicates with mobile applications over Bluetooth® Low Energy.


Adapting Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless SDK onto a new chipset to enable communication between the mobile application and smart pet training products from a market-leading manufacturer.


Developed firmware for a wearable pedometer device in order to track user's steps and synchronize with a server through an iPhone using a custom Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0 profile.