LoRa is a long-range, low-power, low-bandwidth, wide-area network in a star-of-stars topology in which gateways relay messages between end devices and a central network server. LoRa is intended to operate over long distances and a single central network server can support tens of thousands of nodes with deep indoor and outdoor coverage.

LoRa technology is defined by the LoRaWAN specification which is managed by the LoRa Alliance Organization. LoRa devices and radios, which are similar to an 802.15.4 SoC, are low-cost and low-power with years of battery life, that is conserved by transmitting only a small amount of data a few times per hour.

How We Support LoRa

Companies that employ LoRa technology receive a low-cost, public or private network featuring cloud or backend support. LoRa is built for scalability and cost, meaning a single base station supports tens of thousands of nodes with long battery life.

Smart Cities

Smart Buildings



Utility Management

Environmental Monitoring

LoRa Services


Custom Applications

Custom ChirpStack Extensions

Consulting and Audit

Testing and Certification Support


  • Integration of existing ecosystem with LoRaWAN provider(s)
  • Adding LoRa/LoRaWAN to a customer's ecosystem

Examples Of Work

LoRa Firmware

Updated IoT Gateway Firmware to connect gateway with modern hardware and a new LoRa radio module for a leading provider of water infrastructure and measuring products.

LoRa OTA Server

DSR designed the LoRA OTA solution which includes the network and app servers, Sentryx, App OTA component and a firmware update server.