Developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Matter is a unifying, open-source connectivity standard for connected objects. The goal of Matter is to connect more users, devices and networks from different brands in a reliable and secure manner. Over 240 companies, including DSR, contributed to Matter development in CSA. Matter can be built on Wi-Fi, Thread or Ethernet, but utilizes a common application layer that enables communication between devices and networks.

Matter enables your users to choose from a larger set of interoperable devices with less hardware, meaning if a device is built on the Matter standard, it joins a robust market of devices from leading manufacturers and ecosystems, that users can choose from. Matter is built using "secure-by-design" security architecture principles and market-proven technologies.

How We Support Matter

Matter has the potential to transform the IoT experience for developers and users alike. Matter connects smart home devices, networks and cloud services while providing developers a complete toolkit with full specifications, an open-source SDK and a full certification program, accelerating your Matter product development. Major ecosystem providers, like Apple, Google and Amazon already support Matter, meaning leading smart networks are ready for Matter device implementation.

DSR enables communication across smart networks, devices and users by implementing the Matter protocol into your IoT solution. DSR is a long-standing member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance and supported and contributed to the development of the Matter protocol, including The Distributed Compliance Ledger (DCL), an industry-wide initiative to create a cryptographically secure, distributed ledger of certified IoT devices and their roots of trust using Matter.

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Matter Services

Porting and Maintenance of Matter SDK

Developing Matter Solutions

Matter Retrofit of Existing Devices

Control and Commissioning Applications

Matter-to-Anything Bridge Development

Testing and Certification

Porting and Maintenance of Matter SDK

  • Porting Matter SDK to new SoC, Development Kit or Platform
  • Maintenance of Matter SDK port within OpenSource Matter infrastructure
  • Integration of supported platform with customers' development environment and lifecycle

Examples Of Work

Matter Bridge Application

DSR implemented the Matter bridge application using Matter SDK to allow devices to integrate with 3rd parties, such as Apple, Google and Amazon. DSR utilized several Matter clusters such as lights, occupancy, button and temperature and also completed multiple testing events to certify the product.

Window Cover Application

Implemented Window-Controller application in Matter SDK. The multi-platform solution enables users to control window covering or coverings with basic individual or group commands.

Distributed Compliance Ledger

Acted as the primary contributor to the CSA's Decentralized Compliance Ledger (DCL) by collaborating on the design, development and support of the underlying blockchain framework which makes the ledger decentralized and immutable.

Commissioning and Security

Implemented Security Exchange Protocols and Device Attestation Flow, responsible for the secure exchange of information and standards compliance during commissioning, into the Matter SDK.

Application Development

Developed an example Android-Matter application and Software Abstraction layer for secure commissioning.

Door Lock Cluster

Enhanced the Door Lock Cluster and implemented an example application for Matter SDK. The Door Lock Cluster handles attribute changes, commands and events for a smart door lock.

Test Environment Verification

Successfully tested the Docker approach to verify the testing environment for Matter SDK.