Zigbee is the complete, full-stack IoT solution - from mesh network to the universal language - that allows smart objects to seamlessly work together. Zigbee is the proven, market-leading wireless standard for smart home, commercial, industrial and smart energy applications. Over a billion smart devices from leading hardware vendors across the industry run on Zigbee. Zigbee is globally adopted, built using 'secure-by-design' principles and is supported by a large network of ecosystems and leading brands. DSR has decades of experience developing Zigbee solutions at every level of the stack.

Chipset manufacturers, product developers and solution providers choose Zigbee for their wireless protocol standard due to its proven, self-healing mesh network that eliminates single points of failure, low power consumption, interoperability, security and global adoption. Companies building IoT products and solutions can look to Zigbee to increase the number of compatible devices that work with their products.

How We Support Zigbee

DSR's Zigbee solutions provide immense benefits for chip vendors, product companies and solution providers. With DSR, you can certify new hardware platforms using our automated testing tools and enable your customers to build Zigbee products with faster time-to-market. DSR's ZBOSS Zigbee protocol stack is cross-platform, hardware-agnostic, high-performance and supports 25+ platforms.

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Zigbee Services

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Testing & Certification Support

Zigbee Evaluation

Zigbee evaluation services for any device

  • Checks for security, interoperability and connectivity problems
  • A comprehensive report highlighting problems and how to address them going forward

Zigbee Experience

Zigbee Stack Implementation

Designed and implemented full-featured Zigbee 3.0 stack including framework development, profiles, Green Power feature and full testing and certification support for mass produced devices.

Zigbee Gateway

Developed OS-independent Zigbee Gateway that connects Zigbee devices to peripheral IoT systems like the cloud or a 3rd party ecosystems like Amazon or Google. DSR's Zigbee Gateway supports multiple vendors and hardware manufacturers.

Multi-Protocol Gateway

Developed and implemented multi-protocol gateway that connects hardware of various protocols (Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Low Energy) to child devices of a different technology using a Linux-based application.

Motion Sensor

DSR designed and integrated a solution that enables control and command of a smart home motion sensor over Zigbee protocol that can be integrated into iControl and other ecosystems.

Zigbee Demo Wall

Integrated over 150 devices from 50 vendors into the single ecosystem to demonstrate Zigbee interoperability at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 and 2017.

Automated Testing Tools

Developed an automated Zigbee testing suite for functionality and interoperability. DSR has developed hundreds of automated tests at the certification, regression and application levels.

DSR's Zigbee Products


ZBOSS is a cross-platform, hardware-agnostic and high-performance Zigbee software protocol stack. ZBOSS supports over 25 platforms, standardizing the stack across different hardware, comes with a complete suite of tools to simplify development, and includes continuous integration/continuous delivery to shorten the time for testing and certification.

ZBOSS Smart Energy

ZBOSS Smart Energy helps integrate data to and from energy providers in order to control appliances in an efficient manner. The coexistence of Zigbee Smart Energy and Zigbee 3.0 devices exchange vital information around control and optimization of the use of energy.


GreenBOSS allows developers to create battery-less devices that derive power from energy harvesting, utilizing kinetic, solar and heat energy. GreenBOSS enables devices to take advantage of the worldwide RF band and proven, ultra-low power mesh technology to create stable wireless networks that power themselves, reducing battery waste and drawing little additional power.


ZBOSS SubGHz is the standard ZBOSS Zigbee PRO stack extended to work with Sub-GHz radio bands in Europe (800 MHz) and North America (900 MHz) that delivers stronger signal strength for hard-to-reach locations while passing through walls and bending around obstacles more efficiently to enable new uses for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct enables communication with Zigbee Devices through a Bluetooth® interface, like a mobile phone or smart speaker. DSR supports Zigbee Direct by providing exclusive, portable and production-ready solutions and industry-leading Zigbee expertise at every stage of the product experience.

Zigbee Bridges

DSR develops bridges to connect various market technologies, for example, Zigbee to Bluetooth® Low Energy and DALI to support interoperability between multiple components.

Zigbee Gateways

Gateway Middleware available for porting and licensing along with physical devices that support multiple protocols.