Thread is a low-power, low-latency wireless protocol that features secure and interoperable networking on IP, to enable communication between devices. Thread is only a transport and does not provide any application-level functionality. To fully utilize Thread, another technology with a data model should be run on top of it, such as Matter. The Thread Group, which DSR is a member of, oversees the development of the Thread Protocol standard.


Thread is secure and its range supports both small and large networks. It is built on open and proven standards, is hardware-agnostic at the application level, requires low energy consumption and has no single point of failure while supporting communication across devices and networks.

Thread Services




Border Routers



Porting Thread to new or existing hardware

  • DSR has experience with dozens of platforms and wireless protocols, limited footprint, energy harvesting and performance tuning

Examples Of Work

Thread Border Router

Developed firmware for embedded devices that implements the Thread Border Router functionality, which connects the Thread network to other IP-based networks, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Port OpenThread to a new Hardware Platform

Ported and stabilized OpenThread to a new ON Semiconductor multi-radio chipset along with other software development services.

Thread to CoAP Protocol

Designed and implemented Thread to Bluetooth® Low Energy Bridge to connect to CoAP protocol.

Zigbee/Thread MultiPAN

Developed a solution to use a single silicon chipset that runs ZBOSS and OpenThread in parallel to communicate with a host.

Thread Commissioning CLI Tool

Implemented a Thread Commissioning functionality into Thread 1.2, then modified the solution in accordance with specifications and integrated the tool into vendor solutions.

Dotdot Commissioning Application

Developed a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms that extends the Thread Commissioning Application to operate on remote DotDot devices using ZCL-over-IP specification.

DSR Dotdot SDK

DotDot over Thread stack in a ready-to-use SDK according to ZCLIP specification.

OpenThread Commissioner Enhancement

Enhanced the OpenThread Commissioner Application to improve the user experience and support multi-network activities.

Thread IoT Gateway

Ported application for Thread IoT Gateway to customer's platform.