Comprehensive Test Harness

DSR's Comprehensive Test Harness (CTH) is a testing framework designed and developed to allow testing at each layer of the Zigbee Stack: Application layer, Zigbee Cluster Library and Zigbee PRO networking layer. DSR has a rich history of helping clients test and certify their solutions, and have leaned on this experience of understanding the needed test verification levels, automation, user experience and extensive test reports to develop the Comprehensive Test Harness.


Custom Tests

Ability to customize test events to meet customer specifications

Hardware Independent

Flexible engine supports swapping out hardware


Provided API can run tests in batch mode, allowing testing automation

Deep analysis

Deep analysis and verification of each layer Zigbee layer

Negative behavior

Capable to simulate negative behavior as defined in test specification

Python language

Runs and validates test scripts written in Python

Ready building blocks

Rich extension library contains building blocks of ready-to-use Zigbee functions for implementation


Used on the market by test houses as device manufacturers

CTH Test Engine

The Comprehensive Test Harness engine is powered by the DSR’s ZBOSS stack and uses TI CC1352R1 HW as 802.15.4 radio, both 2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz.

Testing Profiles

CTH engine is developed to be generic, suitable for testing all existing Zigbee profiles and features:

  • Zigbee Smart Energy
  • Zigbee 3.0 ZCL and BDB
  • Zigbee PRO
  • Zigbee GreenPower
  • Works with All Hubs

Testing Scripts

Each test is developed in a separate Python script file:

  • Devices and environment configuration may be implemented into a script

  • Test Preambles can be written to perform specific actions during a test:

    • Configuring devices
    • Forming a network
    • Joining an existing network
  • Preambles and configured environments can be reused for multiple testing events

Testing Process

The primary functions of the test harness engine:

  • Send and receive Zigbee test packets from different layers
  • Verify and analyze the test results
  • Modify Zigbee test packets if necessary
  • API to run tests in batch mode

CTH User Interface

The Comprehensive Test Harness includes a portal for managing the entire testing process.


  • Organize testing events and test scripts
  • Trigger and track testing events
  • Run tests on either simulated environment (Network Simulator) or real devices
  • Supervise devices' power control and firmware updates
  • Jenkins integration


  • View execution and validation results
  • Generate and store testing reports

Email Notifications

  • Receive alerts through email or the backend notifying you of testing events and summary reports