ZBOSS is a Zigbee PRO software protocol stack developed by DSR Corporation. ZBOSS helps companies overcome the challenges of interoperability, porting, customization, testing and optimizing your Zigbee solution. Zigbee is an open, interoperable, full-stack IoT technology for a diverse ecosystem of platforms, products and support.

ZBOSS is the official Zigbee stack for leading semiconductor manufacturers:



Hardware Independence

ZBOSS is platform agnostic and can be be ported to fit your specific hardware needs

Cross Platform

ZBOSS uses the operating system and hardware dependent layer in order to reduce porting efforts between platforms

Custom Build

ZBOSS stack can be customized and optimized to meet specific customer needs at the time of compilation

Fixed Memory Footprint

Memory usage is not dynamic in ZBOSS. Instead, it is predictably planned & budgeted, so costs and usage are fixed over time

Optimized Memory Usage

ZBOSS optimizes energy uses for devices. ZBOSS device storage footprint is reduced using RAM memory

Testing & Certification

DSR provides a full suite of automated testing and certification tools which reduces time required to prepare, test and certify a Zigbee device

Full support of Zigbee PRO 2023

Security enhancement features including Device Interviews, Dynamic Link Key, Trust Center Swap Outs along with support for Smart Energy Key Management, which enables Zigbee Devices and Zigbee Smart Energy devices to interact on the same network


Zigbee 3.0

All device roles (ZC, ZR, ZED)

Zigbee Cluster library (building blocks for consumer devices)

Zigbee Green Power

Full-featured Zigbee PRO 2023

Smart Energy 1.4

Control for ecosystem support

All Hubs support

Sub-GHz band support

Zigbee Direct

State-of-the art Security

Tools & Diagnostics

Complete CI/CD

ZBOSS Testing

Test Suite

DSR’s automated testing and certification tools provide a number of solutions to problems typically encountered during the testing process.

Automated testing frameworks allow developers to improve the quality of their products through robust testing and minimize test development time by automating testing procedures. It would take three to four months to run these test manually, while DSR's automated tests take hours.

Test Driver Framework Features

  • Formalize and control testing process
  • Test preparation and execution along with the validation of testing results
  • Results are collected and analyzed to locate errors or bugs


Improve Product Quality

Minimize Test Development

Virtually Guaranteed Certification

Test type Number of tests Approx. time to run (hours)
Certification tests ~ 260 6
Regressions tests ~ 170 3
Application level tests ~ 60 3

Network Simulator

Zigbee Network Simulators can create testing scenarios for large networks, without using a real radio. This tool supports sophisticated testing scenarios that improve product quality by testing product code in all sorts of environments, using simulated device networks.

ZBOSS Network Simulator Downloads


Optimal for early stage testing

Reduce costs

Complete certification using DSR's partner Hardware Farms

Firmware & Software

Zigbee to USB serial bridge
Zigbee to Ethernet Gateway
Zigbee based security systems
ZBOSS Network Simulator
ZBOSS Sniffer, integrated with Wireshark
ZBOSS Testing Framework


  • nRF52840
  • nRF52833
  • nRF52811
  • Qorvo radio: GP710, GP711, GP712, GP691, QPG6095
  • CC2539
  • CC2531
  • CC2652
  • Sub-1 & 2.4 GHz radio: CC1352
  • Sub-1 GHz CC1312
  • NCS36510
  • MRF24j40
  • ATSAMR21G18A
  • TLSR8267
  • TLSR8269
  • IcyTRX65
  • UZ2400
  • UZ2410
  • 8051 MCU core
  • ARM MCU core: Cortex M3, Cortex M4, ARM9
  • ARM Cordio 802.15.4
  • ARC EM4/EM6 Core
  • Synopsys Radio/RF PHY IP
  • EFR32MG12
  • EFR32MG13
  • EFR32MG1
  • EFR32MG21
  • ESP32-H2beta2
  • MT7902
  • RT582