Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct is a new feature of Zigbee that lets users seamlessly interact with their Zigbee networks directly using a smartphone, or other Bluetooth® Low Energy ("LE") device, without needing a hub. DSR supports Zigbee Direct by providing exclusive, portable and production-ready solutions and industry-leading Zigbee expertise at every stage of the product experience.

With Zigbee Direct, users can now onboard and control Zigbee devices and networks directly from a Bluetooth® Low Energy device without a need for a hub. Zigbee Direct makes Zigbee devices more accessible to users and other device ecosystems.


Silicon and Product Developers

Implement Zigbee Direct onto their products through DSR's ZBOSS 4.0 Stack with Zigbee Direct Device.

Expand Your Addressable Market

Reduce Complexity (No Gateways)

Users & Installers

DSR provides multiple Zigbee Virtual Device solutions so your users can fully utilize Zigbee Direct.

Connect to More Ecosystems

Easy Commissioning + Control

Remote Diagnostic + Maintenance

Improved User Experience

How it Works

A Zigbee Virtual Device establishes a secure Bluetooth® Low Energy connection with a Zigbee Direct Device. Once connection is established, the ZVD can send commands to the Zigbee Direct Device and other Zigbee Devices on that same network.

DSR's Zigbee Direct Solutions

Zigbee Direct Device


DSR’s market-proven ZBOSS stack with Zigbee Direct Device (ZDD) empowers silicon vendors to integrate the ZDD, enabling the product companies who utilize their chipsets to fully support Zigbee Direct.

The Zigbee Direct Device simultaneously communicates with the Zigbee Network and Bluetooth®-enabled Zigbee Virtual Devices using 802.15.4 and Bluetooth radios.

Chipset Vendors

Empower your customers to support Zigbee Direct by choosing DSR's ZBOSS stack, which is available through our silicon vendor partners or through the ZBOSS Open Initiative.

Product Companies

Product companies should choose the ZBOSS stack with ZDD in order to enable their products to communicate directly with Bluetooth® devices. DSR will work directly with you for hardware specific deployment.


ZBOSS SDK with Zigbee Direct Device

  • nRF52480 Bare-Metal
  • nRF52480 Zephyr-based


Fast Design + Development

Market Proven

Production Ready

Easy Porting

Zigbee Virtual Device


Product companies and app developers can integrate the Zigbee Virtual Device into their offerings through our ZBOSS ZVD SDK, which is used to build user-facing applications with Zigbee Direct functionalities onto your smart device, allowing it to interact with the Zigbee Direct Device in the network.

Product Companies

Connect your Zigbee devices to end users through the Zigbee to Bluetooth® communication channel. Build end-users apps with DSR’s SDKs and zRemote applications.

App Developers

Build mobile, user-facing applications so end-users can interact with Zigbee Devices from a mobile device.





Interact with the Zigbee Direct Device in the network

Support for Linux, iOS and Android devices

Custom UI/UX

Mandatory & Optional features are included

zRemote Commissioning Application

Product Companies, Users & Installers

Utilize DSR's zRemote application to commission and maintain Zigbee devices from a smart device. Installers can use the “batch-commissioning” feature to add groups of devices to the network simultaneously, instead of having to manually commission devices one-by-one.

DSR’s Zigbee Direct solutions help tackle some of the most pressing challenges that commercial building developers and IoT device installers face when they implement IoT devices into their buildings.





Batch commissioning for networks of any scale

Supports iOS and Android platforms

Secure & Reliable

Fully utilize remote commissioning features