GreenBOSS is a Zigbee Green Power Stack which enables Zigbee Green Power devices to securely join a Zigbee network. Green Power devices are low-power, battery-less devices that harvest energy from alternative sources. GreenBOSS helps companies meet sustainability goals by providing the tools to build Zigbee Green Power devices with optimized power consumption.



Battery-less devices are optimal where battery replacement and maintenance is not possible

Energy Harvesting

GreenBOSS devices are designed to harvest energy from alternative sources at their installation location, like heat or kinetic energy


Green Power Stack

Optimized for low power, RAM and ROM consumptions

Can be used to develop battery-less devices

Cross-platform: uses hardware-dependent layer for minimal effort porting

Fixed memory footprint

Context data (commissioning data, security counters) management is optimized for battery-less devices

Unidirectional communication

Unidirectional and bidirectional commissioning


ONSemi provides GreenBOSS in binary form as a part of their wireless portfolio


  • nRF52840
  • nRF52833
  • nRF52811
  • GP710
  • GP711
  • GP712
  • GP691
  • QPG6095
  • CC2539
  • CC2531
  • CC2652
  • Sub-1 & 2.4 GHz radio: CC1352
  • Sub-1 GHz CC1312
  • NCS36510
  • MRF24j40
  • ATSAMR21G18A
  • TLSR8267
  • TLSR8269
  • IcyTRX65
  • UZ2400
  • UZ2410
  • 8051 MCU core
  • ARM MCU core: Cortex M3, Cortex M4, ARM9
  • ARM Cordio 802.15.4
  • ARC EM4/EM6 Core
  • EFR32MG12
  • EFR32MG13
  • EFR32MG1
  • EFR32MG21
  • ESP32-H2beta2
  • MT7902
  • RT582