ZBOSS Sniffer

What is ZBOSS Sniffer?

ZBOSS Sniffer is an open source cross-platform Zigbee packet sniffer. ZBOSS Sniffer includes an easy-to-use-UI and is intended to work with the world's most popular protocol analyzer – Wireshark. ZBOSS Sniffer supports multichannel mode which means that you can use one ZBOSS Sniffer with several devices and get packets from several channels in one Wireshark window. The ZBOSS open source product includes archive of binaries for Windows x64(XP/Vista/7/10) and deb package for Ubuntu Linux (12.04+). ZBOSS Sniffer is fully tested and ready to be used out-of-the-box. Each archive contains ZBOSS Sniffer GUI application and sniffer hex images for the hardware programming.

For Developers

ZBOSS Sniffer source code is available for download on the ZBOSS site. The source code is comprised of two main parts:

  • Hardware-side source code
  • GUI-side source code
  • ZBOSS Sniffer supports TI SmartRf05EB and CC2531 USB Dongle. Packets are sent to PC via RS-232 interface when using a board and via USB when using a dongle (virtual serial port is emulated).

ZBOSS Sniffer source code for hardware can be compiled in conjunction with ZBOSS stack source code that already contains sniffer support. Moreover, the specific IAR project is included and can be added to the ZBOSS IAR workspace. On the PC side, the cross-platform Qt 5 application is running, receiving packets from the hardware and feeding them to Wireshark via local socket. The GUI source code can be compiled using Qt 5 library. It also includes a special project for Qt Creator.

ZBOSS Sniffer Downloads

ZBOSS Sniffer Package Rev 2.0

The sniffer package includes GUI (for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Windows 10) and FWs for TI CC2531, CC1352P1, CC1352P2, CC1350 and Nordic PCA10056, PCA10059.

ZBOSS Sniffer Source Code

ZBOSS Sniffer source code in a single zip file.

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